Human (Acoustic)


fucking gorgeous

If you’ve never heard this version dear god please press play it will change your life

"Human (Acoustic)," The Killers

I made these using miiverse.


I love trains/buses more than I’ll ever like driving


This episode made me laugh so much they are all so ridiculously incredible. I took a screenshot awhile ago but finally got around to redrawing it.


Reboot People of Walmart so instead of creepshots making fun of fat people it’s like Humans of New York. Go around Walmarts asking people philosophic questions I guarantee it’ll be funnier and just as interesting

Green Apple Cheesecake, Fine Foods, Hong Kong


tbh I don’t see the fuss about having waiters/waitresses not being happy and enthusiastic like I came here to eat I didn’t come here to be amused by employees as long as I’m getting my food and they’re not being blatantly rude I don’t see why y’all need to go on yelp to rank a restaurant 0/5 and have an outburst on why your waitress didn’t smile at you when she poured you water


*drives by u in a little toy toddler car and makes eye contact with u menacingly*

Fly Away

my heart stood still when we first met
i thought we’d be together, yet
you’re using me for your own gain
and now I’ll never feel the same


(Moshi Moshi Nippon episode 4 part 2)

Kyary responding to a Moroccan fan’s message saying that she loves wearing kimono but doesn’t really wear it out since overseas people are a bit surprised by it and think she’s doing cosplay (rather than appreciating something she feels really connected to that comes from another part of the world).


[prank calls xkit guy] is ur refrigerator running ??? I love you